24 Aug 2010

I have been referenced! Does that make me an academic now? :-)

I just had to blog this... I have just discovered one of my blog posts has made it into the recommended reading list for a university anthropology course!  How cool is that?!  The now renowned post is on phatic communication, twitter, and web2.0....

Thanks to Professor David Jacobson's (see left'Social Relations in Cyberspace' course, otherwise known as 'Anthropology 138a', at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, USA, my little blog is a little better known!  Professor Jacobson has written on a wide range of topics including, interestingly, conducting ethnography in cyberspace.  

However, I hope readers are not too disappointed with the slight change in blog direction since April 2009 from ethnography, applied linguistics, and critical approaches to communication to the more practical matters of educational management and how to deliver quality services in English language schools.
See the screenshot below, provided as evidence:

So in thanks to Professor Jacobson, here is a link to one of his publications which I will be checking out as I certainly do have some ethnography to do!  And perhaps when I get back into my MA dissertation, the slightly more academic blog posts will return!

Isn't it nice when you get a little bit of recognition?!


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