7 Aug 2010

Designing Better Services

I haven't posted for a while but have been waiting for a kick of inspiration and here it is.  If you haven't already heard the buzz surrounding "design thinking" and "service design" then check out this very short introduction by LiveWork and for some examples see this fantastic supplement from the Guardian

The whole sphere of service design has been intriguing me for months now, and I will be posting about it over the coming months.  The "businesspeople" in the quote can just as easily be replaced with managers or organisations because design thinking is not about purely commercial interests.  Service design has applications in heath care, education, social services, absolutely anywhere there is a service, a user, and a community.  And that includes teaching, learning and publishing.  

Exactly how is this relevant to EFL schools?  Well, more to follow soon!

Some books to get started with service design:

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Johannes Ahrenfelt said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for this 'teaser' post on service design. I noticed that you added Tim brown's book to the list, agree that it is well worth a read. Have you had a chance to read books by former CEO's from IDEO like The Art of Innovation or Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom kelley? Also inspiring reads : ) !

Look forward to your forthcoming posts.

Best wishes,