8 Apr 2009

welcome to my blog

Well, finally I have entered the blogosphere. And you have entered my blog. Weird.
While not being a technophobe by any stretch of the imagination, I have certainly been a technoslug - taking as long as possible before committing to new technology, fearing it would soon be available in a much simpler version or not available at all.

I waited till EVERYONE else was on Facebook before joining but quickly got bored of sending Japanese drinks or doing movie compatibility questionnaires with distant acquaintances from university I haven’t spoken to in decades.  I have only recently converted to Twitter so the buzz has not yet worn off - it provides me with a constant stream of interesting links thus saving me oodles of time.

But I have finally decided it was about time I had one place I could bring together my various online identities and fully participate in Web 2.0, hence the blog.

Here I am. And here I will be.

See you around.

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