10 Apr 2009

Critical theory lectures

Audio/video lectures on critical theory, culture & technology from CTheory Live hosted by PACTAC.

The Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture is a unique interdisciplinary institute for research focussed on the impact of technological change on culture, politics and society. Linking together researchers in the Faculties of Social Science, Engineering, Humanities, Education, Fine Arts, Law, Indigenous Governance, and Human and Social Development, the Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture provides a collaborative interdisciplinary site for advanced research on information technology, new media, and digital communication as well as for rethinking issues related to ethics and biotechnology. Supported by a networked computing platform and thematically organized by means of an annual research seminar on a key topic area in technology and culture, PACTAC sponsors research conferences, streamed seminars and new media publications. Simultaneously a global centre of intellectual exchange and an innovative and collaborative interdisciplinary site for researching the future of technology, the Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture is situated in the Technology Enterprise Facility (TEF170) at the University of Victoria--Canada's University of the Future.

Technology Enterprise Facility (TEF)
2300 McKenzie Street . Room 170
University of Victoria . Victoria B.C.
Canada . V8W 2Y2
Telephone : (250) 472 - 5285
Email : ctheory@uvic.ca

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